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The wild horizon after the first novel and while writing the second...

I am thrilled that so many readers of Rules for Thursday Lovers have enjoyed it and have left messages and reviews. (More reviews please! ) Which brings me to the news that I'm writing a second novel and that it is very different in tone to the first. It's thrilling and poetic rather than ha ha funny and features a new dilemma, new characters and a new heroine - just one, you'll be relieved to know. Which brings me to cite ten things that sustain writers (well - me) between writing books.

1. Nice reviews - Amazon or Goodreads are

great places for me to find them but a text message or even a grunt will do.

2. A wonderful writing group of 8 writers- critical and supportive in equal measure. With really good lunches and excellent coffee.

3. A fabulous team at Clink Street who say 'yes, sure' to any mad publishing idea.

4. Encouragement from other writers who are the only people who understand how insane it is to write a whole novel. And who nod sagely and neutrally at the idea that a second one is being penned. (If you can be sage and neutral at the same time.)

5. A great family who don't read my work however much I plonk it in front of them.

6. Central heating, slippers and freshly ground coffee. (That counts as one.)

7. A cat.

8. Reading everyone else's books.

9. Ideas that pop up in all sorts of inconvenient ways and insist on beinf in the new book.

10. Requests for another book. Silence. Anyone?

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