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Fancy meeting you here

So far, whenever anyone offers me walls to exhibit my paintings, I say ‘yes.’

I’ve exhibited in a very dark 15th century pub with wooden paneled walls. The only solution was to make holes in the ancient walls and give everyone a torch. I’ve shown work in a cafés with more mice than customers. There’s been an ice cream parlour – not something I recommend. Sticky fingers go everywhere and parents of young families are too busy surviving their children to look at art. There have been expensive art fairs that charge for everything, including plugs and cables. There’s been a lovely tiny shop in Brighton with such narrow stairs and walls that only diminutive pictures and people can squeeze through the front door. There’s been terrific group shows – artists are always stronger in groups. There’s been a gallery where the owner appeared to go mad. And, recently, there’s been a church in Neasden with a terrific vicar, a supportive curator but unfortunate stormy, cold weather and an eternal traffic jam on the North Circular. But wherever I’ve been, my buyers and supporters have always appeared – wet, cold and windswept on this occasion. And they have continued to look at and collect my work. And even buy my novel. They are the stars of my shows. So, here’s to more mad journeys!

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